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Module manager

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The manager (resource manager) module is the root of Haizea. If you want to
see where the ball starts rolling, look at the following two functions:

* manager.Manager.__init__()
* manager.Manager.start()

This module provides the following classes:

* Manager: Haizea itself. Pretty much everything else
  is contained in this class.
* Clock: A base class for Haizea's clock.
* SimulatedClock: A clock for simulations.
* RealClock: A clock that advances in realtime.

Classes [hide private]
The root of Haizea
Base class for the resource manager's clock.
Simulates the passage of time...
A realtime clock.
Persistence manager.
Variables [hide private]
  DAEMON_STDIN = '/dev/null'
  DAEMON_STDOUT = '/dev/null'
  DAEMON_STDERR = '/var/tmp/haizea.err'
  DEFAULT_LOGFILE = '/var/tmp/haizea.log'
  __package__ = 'haizea.core'