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Getting started

Most of the documentation is contained in the Haizea Manual (see below). However, to get started, you may want to start by reading the What is Haizea? page, and then skip straight to the following sections of the manual:

The Haizea Manual

The Haizea Manual includes (almost) everything you need to know about using Haizea. You can read it in the following formats:

Scholarly publications

We have a couple publications that talk about the more theoretical concepts behind Haizea. You can read them in our publications page.

Documentation for developers

Most of the Haizea source code is documented using epydoc (see API documentation). This is a useful resource if you are implementing your own pluggable policies or accounting probes for Haizea.

Documentation about features in development, known issues, etc. can be found at the Haizea project management site at PhoenixForge.

Still need help?

Do you have a question that is not answered in the documentation? Just send a message to our mailing list and we'll try to help you out.