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What is Haizea?

Haizea is an open-source VM-based lease management architecture. Let's break that down, shall we?

What can you do with Haizea?

Haizea can be used with OpenNebula or in simulation.

You can use Haizea one of two ways. Haizea can be used as a standalone component or as a scheduling backend for a virtual infrastructure manager, such as OpenNebula. So, if you're...


Haizea supports the following types of leases:

Haizea's scheduling algorithms can...

Haizea can be used as a scheduling backend for the OpenNebula virtual infrastructure manager to do all the above in a Xen or KVM cluster. It can also be used to simulate long-running workloads (weeks or months). See the Haizea Manual for more details on how to use all these features.