2 Lease element

The <lease> element is used by Haizea's XML-RPC API to send lease requests to Haizea, and to return lease information to the client. It is also used in the LWF format to describe lease requests.

The <lease> element has two attributes: id, a unique integer identifier (assigned by Haizea), and preemptible, indicating whether the lease can be safely preempted (yes or no)

<lease id="..." preemptible="...">

The <lease> element has four child elements:

1 Example

The following specifies a best-effort lease, requesting one node with one CPU and 1024 MB of memory, for one hour, and a software environment contained in diskimage foobar1.img (a 1GB image).

<lease id="1" preemptible="true">
    <node-set numnodes="1">
      <res amount="100" type="CPU"/>
      <res amount="1024" type="Memory"/>
  <duration time="01:00:00"/>
    <disk-image id="foobar1.img" size="1024"/>

Borja Sotomayor 2009-12-17