2 haizea-request-lease

Requests a new lease.

Option Description
-D, -debug Run command in debug mode.

-s SERVER, -server=SERVER Haizea RPC server URI. If not specified, the default http://localhost:42493http://localhost:42493 is used

-f FILE, -file=FILE File containing a lease description in XML.

-t START, -start=START Starting time. Can be an ISO timestamp, ``best_effort'', or ``now''

-d DURATION, -duration=DURATION Duration. Can be an ISO timestamp or ``unlimited''

-n NUMNODES, -numnodes=NUMNODES Number of nodes.

-preemptible Specifies a preemptible lease.

-non-preemptible Specifies a non-preemptible lease.

-c CPU, -cpu=CPU Percentage of CPU (must be 0 < c <= 100)

-m MEM, -mem=MEM Memory per node (in MB)

-i VMIMAGE, -vmimage=VMIMAGE Disk image identifier.

-z VMIMAGESIZE, -vmimagesize=VMIMAGESIZE Disk image size.

Borja Sotomayor 2009-12-17