1 haizea

This is the main Haizea command. By default, it will start Haizea as a daemon, which can receive requests via RPC or interact with other components such as OpenNebula. It can also start as a foreground process, and write all log messages to the console. All Haizea options are specified through the configuration file.

Option Description
-D, -debug Run command in debug mode.

-c CONF, -conf=CONF The location of the Haizea configuration file. If not specified, Haizea will first look for it in /etc/haizea/haizea.conf and then in ~/.haizea/haizea.conf.

-f, -fg Runs Haizea in the foreground.

-stop Stops the Haizea daemon.

Borja Sotomayor 2009-12-17