2 Configuring Haizea

Haizea must be configured to run in OpenNebula mode. Haizea includes a sample OpenNebula configuration file that you can use as a starting point. This file is installed, by default, in /usr/share/haizea/etc/sample_opennebula.conf (there is also a sample_opennebula_barebones.conf file that has the same options, but without any documentation). In OpenNebula mode, Haizea will process requests coming from OpenNebula, and will send all enactment commands to OpenNebula. To activate this mode, the mode option of the general section in the Haizea configuration file must be set to opennebula:

mode: opennebula

Haizea interacts with OpenNebula through it's XML-RPC API, so you need to tell Haizea what host OpenNebula is on. This is done in the opennebula section:

# Typically, OpenNebula and Haizea will be installed
# on the same host, so the following option should be
# set to 'localhost'. If they're on different hosts,
# make sure you modify this option accordingly.
host: localhost

Additionally, if OpenNebula is not listening on its default port (2633), you can use the port option in the opennebula section to specify a different port.

There are also a couple options in the scheduling section that are relevant to OpenNebula mode, but which you do not need to concern yourself with yet (they are described at the end of this chapter).

Borja Sotomayor 2009-12-17