3 Specifying the simulated physical resources

The simulated physical resources are specified using the resources option in the [simulation] section. This option can take two values, "in-tracefile", which means that the description of the simulated site is in the tracefile, or a string specifying the site's resources. For the former, see Appendix C for details on how the simulated site is specified in the tracefile. When using the latter, the format of the string is:

<numnodes> <resource_type>:<resource_quantity>[,<resource_type>:<resource_quantity>]*

For example:

resources: 4  CPU:100 Memory:1024

The above describes a site with four nodes, each with one CPU and 1024 MB of memory. Note that you must always specify at least the ``CPU'' and ``Memory'' resource types.

Borja Sotomayor 2009-12-17