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Haizea 1.0 has been released (2009-12-17)
with support for OpenNebula 1.4, pluggable scheduling policies, pluggable accounting probes, API documentation and many other features and internal changes. See the changelog for more details, or download it now.

Haizea is an open-source virtual machine-based lease management architecture (if that sounds like a mouthful, take a look at our What is Haizea? page). In a nutshell, Haizea is a piece of software that, in combination with the OpenNebula virtual infrastructure manager, can be used to manage a Xen, KVM, or VMWare cluster, allowing you to deploy different types of leases that are instantiated as virtual machines (VMs). Haizea can also be run in simulation, providing a platform for experimenting with scheduling algorithms that depend on VM deployment or on the leasing abstraction.

Learn more about Haizea, or head over to the download page to get started with Haizea.

Haizea can be used with OpenNebula or in simulation.
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